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Tuesday, July 14

Oven Fried Chicken

I absolutely love fried chicken, but I don’t love making it. Frying anything is my least favorite style of cooking, with the exception of the occasional stir-fry. After a lot of experimenting I perfected this recipe for oven fried chicken so crispy and succulent, you’d never know it’s actually baked.

The super thick yoghurt, combined with the flakey flour, really does the trick. The chili flakes tenderize like nothing else, allowing the chicken to drink in the yoghurt and seasoning. 

What You Need

Natural Greek Style Yoghurt - 450g/16 ounces

Chili Flakes - 1 tbs

Coarse Salt and Coarse Pepper – 2-tbs each

Garlic Powder - 1 tbs

Hot Sauce - 1 tbs (more if you like it hot)

*Chicken Breast Fillets - 1K/ 2-lbs

** Malted Brown Bread Flour - 500g/6 cups

Coconut or Peanut Oil - 250ml/1 cup

* Use whatever cut of chicken you prefer, as long as it’s smallish enough to take a good coating of the flour. I often use chicken wings and drumsticks for picnics.

 ** Malted brown bread flour contains malted wheat flakes. This adds to the crispiness of the chicken. If you don’t have any, combine 50% bread flour with 50% fine breadcrumbs instead.

What You Do

In a large bowl, combine yoghurt, chili flakes, salt pepper, garlic powder and hot sauce. Mix well. Add chicken to the bowl, thoroughly coating with yoghurt. Cover with cling film and marinate in fridge up to 24 hours.

Remove chicken from fridge a good hour before baking. Allow it to reach room temperature. Heat oven to 180C/350F. Prepare large roasting tray (with lip) with coconut or peanut oil. Heat up in hot oven about six minutes.

While the oil is heating, pour flour into large bowl. Coat chicken with flour a piece or two at a time. Be sure to cover all sides. The yoghurt will act as an excellent binding agent. Place flour dredged chicken on a large tray or platter as you work through the pieces. Continue with this process until all the chicken is thoroughly coated. If you have any flour left, you can dredge a few pieces again, making them even crispier.

Roast in hot oven for approximately 30 minutes. Turn chicken and continue roasting another 30 minutes. At this point, continue turning the chicken, for another five - six minutes, until all sides are well crisped to your liking. Remove pieces as they brown and drain on clean cloth or paper towel.

Note: The one thing you don’t want to do with this recipe is run out of oil while the chicken is cooking, or it will stick. Other than this, it's much easier than pan frying. 

Leftovers will make you just as happy cold from the fridge. In fact in summer I like this chicken even better cold the next day.

Ideas and Suggestions   

When the chicken is this good I could happily eat a plate of it with nothing more than a bit of fresh watercress, baby cress, Italian rocket, or chopped iceberg lettuce with a dash of Ranch Dressing. Understandably you will probably want more than this. 

Some of my favorite accompaniments include mac and cheese; coleslaw and potato salad; deviled eggs and cress; cornbread with honey butter. If you’re serving the chicken hot out of the oven, pair with homemade chips (fries) or mashed potatoes and something green and irony like baby spinach, broccoli or kale.  

This chicken is ideal for making a classic Chicken Caesar Salad and one of the easiest ways to entertain with style and ease. See Caesar Salad recipe for details. 

Best Beverages include sparkling lemon and lime drinks; iced tea; sparkling white wines, and light beers.

Dessert Options include watermelon or a trio of melons; a selection of sorbets and ice creams; walnut fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream.

I sent a handwritten version of this recipe to my dad at his request, but he never used it. He still fries chicken like he always has in electric skillet. And that's okay too.