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Saturday, October 19

Autumn Picnic

Jolly Companions of Your Choice (hopefully, you'll have a few dogs in the mix)

Spicy Fried Chicken Legs and Thighs


Roasted Pumpkin with Chopped Hazelnuts

Red Chicory and Apple Salad, with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Chocolate Mousse

Icy Ginger Beer

This is a superb make-ahead picnic, allowing you to get an early start, the day after you make it. The only thing better than fried chicken, is cold fried chicken. 

Cornbread, like gingerbread, is something I make every autumn, usually to be crumbled on top of chili. This afternoon though, while planning an Autumn Picnic, I decided to make it as an accompaniment to spicy fried chicken and roasted pumpkin. A bit crumbly, to be honest, but a tasty, textured, contribution to autumn noshing nonetheless.